Do you want to sync your Coworks bookings and events with a shared Google calendar?

The Google Calendar and Coworks integration will push your Coworks bookings and events onto a shared Google Calendar and keep them in sync to any updates/deletions to those bookings in Coworks.

(Please note: currently the integration is set up to only push events to Gcal. The second part of the integration will pull events from Gcal into Coworks. This will be completed in the near future. Stay tuned!)

This integration will keep a shared Google Calendar up to date with Coworks bookings for:

  • Using a conference tablet that syncs with Gcal. That calendar will remain effective in showing the status of that room from Coworks.

  • Using a booking aggregator platform that syncs with Gcal (Liquid Space etc.). New bookings from the aggregator will not occur during times that have already been booked via Coworks.

  • Sharing a public Gcal of events or bookings on your site or with your members/staff. The calendar will have an accurate representation of Coworks bookings.

Here's how to set it up:

1. Connect your Google Calendar by clicking here.

2. Pick the Google account you would like to connect.

3. Grant Coworks access.

4. Toggle the settings on and press save.

  • Automatically Push Bookings - this will control the automatic push of bookings made via mobile apps or dashboard. If turned off, the Coworks/Google Calendar integration will not work.

  • Default Push Events Setting for Calendar Form - when scheduling an event from the dashboard, this toggle will keep the default setting to push events. If turned off, you will need to manually choose to sync each event.

5. Setup each room in your space to sync to the Google Calendar by going to the rooms tab or clicking here.

6. For each room, click View, click Edit, and scroll down to the bottom to choose the Google Calendar each room will push bookings to. This will now sync all bookings to this room made in Coworks to the associated google calendar.

7. Repeat for each Room, Hot Desk, Space, and Equipment in your community that you wish to sync to a specific calendar.

8. Managers can also choose which calendar to push to when manually creating bookings/events. Make some test bookings and events so you can see how they appear on your Coworks Calendar and Google Calendar.

In Coworks:

In Gcal:

If you have any questions, be sure to reach out by chatting with us on the bottom right corner of your screen! Happy Coworking!

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