You might have people who are not members of your coworking space who regularly purchase day passes, book external bookings, hold events, or make other financial transactions with your space. It would be helpful to be able to see a log of these things in Coworks, and now you can!

1. Head to your CRM and click on either Leads or Contacts. (We keep these details for both!)

2. Click on a person's name to open their account.

3. Click on Bookings to see what bookings they've made.

4. Click on Invoices to see what purchases they've made in your space.

From this screen, you can also see that Coworks stores their payment information. If you need to charge this person for additional hours in the conference room or another purchase, you can issue a one-off invoice and use their stored payment information.

This makes it easy to handle additional transactions with non-members. And it makes it easy to collect data to convince these non-members to just join your space as a member since they're already there a lot. :)

Let us know if you have any questions! Happy Coworking!

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