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How do members view and access invoices?
How do members view and access invoices?

How members can view their history of invoices and receipts or pay outstanding invoices from the member mobile app.

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Members can access their history of invoices from the member mobile app. However, they must be a team admin in order to access this information. If you're not the team admin, please contact your community manager to determine who is or to be given access.

Accessing Invoices

  1. Once logged in to the mobile app as a team admin, simply navigate to the "Me" tab in the bottom right. Then, click over to the "Billing" section. If the "Billing" tab is not present, please make sure you are the team admin, as the billing section is only visible to team admins.

  2. Click "Invoices" under "My invoices". There, you will see a list of all your invoices in the order of issue date.

  3. Click on an invoice to view more information. For Paid invoices, you can download receipts. For Unpaid invoices, you can add your payment information and pay the invoice directly.

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