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How to change the recurring billing date on a team's membership
How to change the recurring billing date on a team's membership

How to edit the monthly bill date for an existing team's recurring membership

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Sometimes, you may need to change which day of the month one of your teams is billed. If the team has an existing membership, you'll need to remove and re-add any plans assigned to the team, and select the new monthly billing date for the membership.

How to change the bill date for an existing membership

  1. Go to the Directory tab of the admin dashboard and click on the "Teams" option near the top.

  2. Find the team whose membership you'd like to update, and click the "Manage" button.

  3. Go to the team's "Membership" tab, and make note of what plans are currently assigned to the team.

  4. Remove all of the plans currently assigned to the team using the "Remove" option on the right side of each plan listed. You can also select "Cancel Immediately" from the membership actions dropdown to remove all the plans at once.

  5. After removing all plans, click the "Add Plan" button to begin re-adding the plans for the team.

  6. Using the "New Plans" dropdown menu, select the first plan to assign to the team, adjusting the plan quantity if needed.

  7. If multiple different plans were assigned to the team, click the "Add More Plans" button to select the next plan to add.

  8. Once you've added all necessary plans, in the "When do you want the membership to start?" field, select the next occurrence of the desired monthly bill date. For example, if it's currently February 8th and you'd like the new billing date to be the 15th of the month, you would select February 15th as the start date.

  9. In the "When is the recurring bill date?" field, select the desired monthly bill date. Using the same example from the previous step, you would select "15th" if you want the membership to be billed on the 15th of the month.

  10. Click the "Save Team Membership" button when finished.

The membership will now be automatically invoiced on the new monthly billing date.

Note: Team admins will not be automatically notified of changes to their billing when adding/removing plans.

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