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How to use the Discounts Feature
How to use the Discounts Feature

How to create and manage discounts to apply to recurring memberships

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Discounts vs. Promo Code – Understanding the Difference

  • Discounts: A discount is created by you or your staff and can be applied internally to a new or current member's plan or invoice.

  • Promo Code: A promo code is a unique code that can be used to apply or redeem a discount for a purchase or membership. This is also created by you or your staff but is intended for non-members to apply to purchases such as external bookings, day passes, or new plans.

    Learn how to use promo codes here.

Creating a Discount

Navigate to the Discounts section in your Coworks Admin Dashboard. Click on 'New Discount code' in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Information Required When Creating a New Discount Code:

  • Name: A name to refer to the discount and search later internally

  • Amount off: How much to discount. Can be a dollar amount off or percent off

  • Duration: How long the discount should last on the customer (forever, once, repeating). If repeating, specify the number of months this discount will be applied
    Optional Fields

    • Redeem By: A date that this discount must be redeemed by before becoming invalid. This discount and its associated discount codes (see more on codes below) will no longer be applicable to customers after this date. Already applied discounts will not be affected.

Optional: Create a Promo Code

Note: Promo codes are linked to a discount. You can create a promo code for your new discount by toggling on the "create promo code" toggle. This will generate a unique code that can be used in your external forms to redeem the associated discount. Learn more about promo codes here.

Applying Discounts to New Teams

You can create or apply discounts to new teams when adding their billing plans.

1. Start by going to the directory tab and selecting "New Team"

2. Start by selecting (at least one) membership plan for the team

3. Next click the "Add Discount" button to apply a discount to this team's billing

Apply Existing Discount to New Team

In the discount modal, you can either search from an existing discount or create a new discount in-line.

Simply click in the search field to choose from your list of existing discounts.

Creating a New In-line Discount for a Team

To create a new discount, just toggle the "create discount" button. The search box will be grayed out and you can generate a new discount in-line to apply to the team.

Selecting plans to discount

When applying a discount to a new team, you can choose whether to apply that discount to an individual plan or to the entire group of stacked plans. An example of this would be if you would like to discount their membership plan but not an add-on, such as a parking plan.

Click save to apply the discount.

You will see a preview of the discount below the plans.

The discount will also be visible in the subtotal box.

Managing Discounts on Existing Teams

You can also add/edit discounts on existing teams. To manage the discounts on a team, head to the "Memberships" tab on the team.

Adding a New Discount

To add a new discount, click the +Discount button underneath the plans for the team

Removing Discount

To remove a discount, click the "Remove" button underneath the discount option

Adding New Plans

When adding new plans, you can optionally include those plans to inherit any existing percent-based discounts on the existing plans.

Simply check the checkbox to include the discount when adding the plans.

Viewing/Managing Existing Discounts

Viewing discounts

You can view your inventory of discounts by heading to the discounts tab in your dashboard here.

There, you can sort/filter discounts by name, duration, expiration dates, etc.

Manage existing discount

In the discounts table, click on the discount name to view an existing discount and get more info.

Under the promotion codes section, click "Add Promotion Code" to generate a code for that discount. You can generate as many codes as necessary for any particular discount.

You can also click "Delete" to remove that discount and disable all associated promo codes. (Learn more about promo codes here).

Note: Deleting a discount will not remove that discount from any existing teams/invoices. It will only stop this discount or associated codes from being used further.

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