This section describes how to update your branding settings.

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How To Update Your Campus Photo And InformationCustomize the information about your different locations
How to change the "From Name" on your emailsHow to customize the From Name shown on the transactional and onboarding emails you send through Coworks.
How to update the payment method for an app store developer accountHow to add or update your payment method in order to enroll in auto-renewal to auto charge and renew your apple developer membership
How do I enable the membership agreement feature in the member mobile app?How to prompt members in the member app to sign your membership agreement/terms of service, to ensure they've agreed to your terms.
What is the Coworks White Label Upgrade?Information on the Coworks White Label Upgrade, such as pricing and included features. This upgrade allows for custom branding and assets.
Custom Apps: Adding the Coworks Phone Number to your list of trusted phone numbersGive Coworks access to your Apple account, so we can list your custom app in the App Store.
How do I update the Directory placeholder imagers for members and teams?How to edit the member and team directory placeholder images
How do I update my mobile app branding color?How to update the primary color for your member mobile app and emails.
How do I customize the onboarding/welcome email my members receive?How to customize the content & language in the initial onboarding email that is sent to members.
Recommended Image Sizes to Customize Your AccountWhat size photos should you put on your white-labeled app?
Custom App Checklist (Enterprise Only)Checklist for creating a custom app in the app store under the Coworks branded Enterprise Tier
How can I add an Event Placeholder Image?How to upload an event placeholder image to show in the Events feed on the mobile app when there is no event photo
How to grant App Store Connect API Access (Custom Apps Only)How to enable app store connect API access for faster app updates to your branded mobile app.