Description: This article will show you how to sign up for an Apple Developer account so that you can receive a custom white labeled Coworks app in the App store. There is a $100/year annual fee required by Apple in order to have an app on the store. Coworks does not charge any additional fees, this is a requirement by Apple.

Note: You do not need an apple account for the coworks while-label add-on.

1. In your browser, navigate to

2. Go to the Account tab and click "Join the Apple Developer Program"


3. Click the "enroll" button in the top right corner


4. If possible, please sign up as an organization. However, this requires a DUNS number. To request a DUNS number follow the steps provided here. This may take several days/weeks.

To sign up as an individual in the meantime (you can always transfer to an organization later). Make sure to set up two factor authentication by following the information here. Be sure to add Coworks as a trusted number: 919-576-9430 by following the steps here

5. Once your personal or organization account has been setup, scroll to the bottom and click "Start Your Enrollment".


6. Follow the instructions to add your payment information and finish the enrollment process.

7. Once verified, please send your login credentials to so that the Coworks team can finish your app setup.

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