Custom fields is a functionality we developed to help communities track any types of data important to your organization -- demographics or other specific details you want to track. 

Note: for optimal reporting it is important to type your custom field labels the same each time, including paying attention to case sensitivity.

You can find the custom fields section in two different places:

1. At the bottom of member profiles in your directory. 

2. As well as at the bottom of each lead profile.

Adding custom fields is as simple as clicking on the turquoise "Add custom field" text to create an additional custom field line. 

The custom fields you create in leads will carry over should that individual be promoted to a member. Note that you can create up to 20 custom fields per individual.

To see reporting of your custom fields data, navigate to the Reports tab and select the Members report.

Click Download and a report will be emailed to you. 

Your Member Report will show tabs at the bottom for each of your community  reports as well as tabs for custom fields for each community.

The Custom Fields Report Tabs show member first name, last name, email, and then each of your custom fields as columns completed where they have been filled in on the member profiles. 

Custom fields are a way we hope to help each Coworks community track elements of unique importance to them.  

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