1. Navigate to the Account tab.

  2. Select the Settings section.

  3. Select the Billing tab or follow this link.

4. Toggle the Pass Credit Card fee to Member and/or the Pass ACH fee to Member on or off based on you preference.

Note: This will now pass fees onto the member immediately for invoices and memberships!

5. Press Save.

What happens next?

When creating new members/companies and one-off invoices Coworks will detect the payment source that a member or guest intends to pay with. This will compare the associated payment source with your configured Pass Fees options from above and will add fees where appropriate.

It is important to note that if there is NOT a valid payment source at the time of invoice creation or when adding a new member or a team, Coworks will not "assume" or guess the fees. Invoices are final after creation so fees cannot be added to invoices later. This is to protect the member from being charged unexpected amounts and provide consistency for your accounting records.

Fees when adding a member or a team

Fees when creating a one-off invoice

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