So your space is changing ownership? You've got a new captain in charge of managing your space? No problem. This is how you handle that situation.

In general, there are 2 main steps. Transferring your Coworks account, and transferring your Stripe Account (if applicable). You'll want to do both if you have billing enabled, otherwise, a transfer of your Coworks account will be enough to get you covered.

Do I need to transfer ownership?

If the current Admin is still actively involved with your space, it may not be needed to transfer the Coworks account ownership. If that person still has access to their account and can log in and manage things when needed, you're probably fine. The most significant advantage of being the Admin is that you can add & remove other Managers (and anyone "lower" in role permission - question about roles?).

Transfer Coworks

So you do need to change your Coworks Admin? Let's do it! At the time of writing this, there currently isn't a built-in way to change your Community's admin. This will need to be something Coworks Support can do.

Please reach out to us with the email of the new admin.

Note: This person must be an active user in your community. The new Admin's email will be the primary receiver of invoices that are sent for your Coworks subscription (not invoices you create sent to your members).

If you would like a different email to receive invoices, please make sure you reach out and tell us. The default email will automatically be updated to the new admin's email. It is still your responsibility to make sure your Coworks Subscription invoices are paid.

Transfer Stripe Account

If you have billing enabled in your community, you'll need to make sure that the connected Stripe account is also transferred. This is vital in making sure you still have access to your payments.

You can do this by visiting your team's page in Stripe or by following these instructions. You will need the consent of the current admin to make the change. If you don't have consent, we recommend reaching out to Stripe, as Coworks has no control over the Stripe account ownership. We are simply an authorized application on your account.

Should I remove the old admin?

Yes. You should deactivate the old admin if they are no longer apart of your space. I would also recommend that you remove them from Stripe as early as possible to avoid unauthorized access to the money flowing through your accounts. If they are still a member or passive user on the management team, you can demote them to something like Manager, Staff or Member.

You should also consider removing them from the staff team if they are a Member going forward.

What's Next?

That's it! You've successfully transferred over your account and you can continue drinking your coffee.

Happy Coworking!

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