Sometimes you need to promote multiple leads at once. The easiest way to do that in Coworks is to use the CSV importer in the Migrations tab in your community settings.

  1. First, download the contacts or leads report from the Reports tab.

  2. Next, remove any leads or contacts from the report that you do not want to promote.

  3. Update/Verify your spreadsheet data

    Verifying Fields

    • Any leads or contacts left in the list when you upload them back to the Promote section will be processed by the system.

    • You must keep the email address the same, otherwise, it will be treated as a new lead or contact and won't be promoted properly.

    • Since Members require teams, the "Team Name" field (company_name in CSV report) on a lead/contact is what the system uses as the team you would like to promote them to. If we find an exact match of a team that already exists, the lead/contact will be promoted to that team. Otherwise, a new team will be created with the name in the "Team Name" input on the form. If no team name is present, Coworks will default to first name + last name's team as the team name.

    • If Coworks finds a new team name in your spreadsheet multiple times, it will assign the team admin to the FIRST person in the spreadsheet as the admin of the team.

    Additional Supported Fields

    • We support Room Permissions as a column name that takes a comma-separated list of groups that would like to assign to this new member. An example would be Group Blue, Group A. You will have to add the column manually as it doesn't exist in the lead/contact export. Make sure to match the name Room Permissions exactly.

    • (Billing only)

      • Plans Column (Required): We also support Plans as a column that will create a membership using a comma-separated list of plans. An example would be Coworking Plan, Parking Pass. Note: Those plans must already exist to be processed properly. If the team doesn't already exist, these plans will be set up to bill on the beginning of the next month (or a different day of the next month based on your Default Billing Cycle Date settings from the billing settings.)

      • Monthly Bill Date: By default, we will set the recurring bill date based on your billing settings here. You can override this and set your own by adding a column titled 'Monthly Bill Date' which is a number between 1-31 representing the day of the month to bill. By default it will start at the next occurrence of that date. For example if uploading on May 15 with a bill date of '5' the billing will start on June 5th.

      • Billing Start Date: Additionally we support custom billing start dates. This allows you to set the start date of when your customers should be billed. By default we will use the monthly bill date you've set in your settings or in the column provided and start billing at the next occurrence of that date. Alternatively you can set an exact date in the future to start the billing. The customer will still be billed again and recurrently based on their recurring bill date but they will receive a prorated invoice on that date of "Billing Start Date' for the time in between. This works the same way that our "Add Member" flow works.

        Note: Format must be: "MM/DD/YYYY"

    • Custom Fields

      • Any extra columns added to the spreadsheet will be treated as Custom Fields.

        For example: Let's say you want to keep track of member key fob numbers. You can add a column at the end called "Key Fob".

        The system will recognize that this is as a unique column and then add that attribute on each member as a custom field

    • Note: Any information you change between downloading the CSV and uploading in the migrations tab will be reflected in the new member's profile except Follow-up dates, tour dates, promoted dates.

  4. Upload the CSV of the remaining leads or contacts you want to be promoted to the "Promote Existing Leads or Contacts" section in the Migrations tab. Any leads or contacts that have an email address from the CSV that matches on in the system already, will be promoted and will be removed from your CRM!

You will have the option to send onboarding emails at the time of the upload. This will send the same member onboarding emails you are used to. You will have to do this manually if you chose to not send them at the time of upload


If you have any trouble with this, please reach out! It's much easier to set up the spreadsheet correctly ahead of time.

Happy Coworking

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