Coworks provides several forms and tools for you to easily capture leads from your site and populate them directly into our fully integrated CRM. The power of the CRM means that all of your leads are in one central place (within Coworks) and it's much easier to manage and track that lead and ultimately convert them into a paying customer.

Getting Started

First step is head to our Website Forms tab in the admin dashboard here. You'll see a list of available forms and features that you can either enable or use immediately.

Under "Leads" enable the "Membership Request Form" and "Tour Request Form" to begin capturing leads.

Once enabled, you can click "View" to navigate to the form.

Customize The Form

The forms will automatically brand to your space colors if you're on the white-label tier. If you'd like to enable this tier, please contact support! Make sure to update your campus profile with the proper logo to change the default picture in the forms. In the website forms list you can click "Edit Settings" to customize the form titles.


For more advanced customization, you can use Zapier to link your own forms on your site using things like Google Forms, FormAssembly etc. This will result in your own custom form submissions still automatically populating leads into Coworks. You can learn more about our Zapier integration here.

Managing The Leads

Email Notifications & Settings

Once a lead submits a form, you and your staff will be immediately notified via email.

By default, ALL managers in your community will receive the membership request emails (we don't want you to miss it!). You can also set a "sales email" to send the lead/memberships request to. This can be a sales rep or a general sales email to keep all of your requests in one place.

To set the sales email click the "settings" button next to your website form link or, you can find the "Website Forms" settings in your community settings here.

Your staff members may not wish to receive sales emails. Fortunately, each staff member can customize their email notification settings.

You can find these settings by clicking on your profile in the top right corner of the app (with your name and photo) and choosing "Preferences" from the dropdown or navigate directly here.

From there: scroll down to the "Leads section" and simply toggle the email notifications on to your preference.

Finally, in addition to email notifications, all staff members will receive an in app notification in the Coworks dashboard. Just click the notification bell in the header of the dashboard.

Your notification will tell you when the lead submitted the request and will be tagged with either "Membership Form" or "Tour Request Form". Clicking the notification will mark it as read and will navigate you directly to the lead profile in the CRM.

CRM Integration

Coworks comes with a fully integrated CRM to help you manage and keep track of your leads and pipeline. Our membership and tour request forms are fully integrated into the CRM. After each submission, the leads will appear at the top of the list in your CRM.

You can use the CRM to add information about your lead, track tour dates, set reminders, and easily promote them to a member with a click of a button. More on the CRM here.

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