To import your Contacts from a .CSV File:

Download our Custom Template HERE and format your Leads using these exact columns. Note: It is important that you don't change the column name or order, but arrange your list of members using this template.


1) Login to your CoWorks Manager Dashboard

2) Navigate to Community from your left-hand navigation.

3) From the Community Tab, select MIgrations at the upper right Navigation

4) Locate the "Import Contacts" option from the Migrations Options

5) Drag and drop your "Contacts-Import-Template.csv" CSV File, or click the gray area and select the file from a location on your computer.

6) Once you drag and drop or browse your computer for the Template File, you will be prompted to Import or Cancel. Please select Import to proceed with the import or Cancel if you need to make changes again.

7) You will then see your newly imported contacts and you are ready to start promoting!

8) Once you have successfully imported your new Contacts, you will have the option in the software to Edit, or Click the Down Arrow next to the Edit Button.

9) Once you select the Down Arrow, you will have the option to "Promote to Lead", "Promote to Member", "Promote to Existing Team" or Edit the Contact.

a) Promote to Lead - Will move the Contact to your Lead List.

b) Promote to Member - Will move the contact to your Member List

c) Promote to Existing Team - Will move the contact to an Existing Team within your

Member List

Bulk Promote

If you'd like to promote a bunch of contacts at once without having to manually promote one by one, you can use the "Bulk Promote" method.

To learn how that works check out this article.

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