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How to import bookings
How to import bookings

How to import or migrate bookings and events from other systems or calendars such as Google Calendar (GCal), Outlook, etc. via .CSV

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Use the booking importer to upload a large number of bookings or events into the Coworks system, directly from a .CSV file. This is useful for migrating from other calendars and uploading a large number of events or bookings.

Download Bookings CSV template

First, be sure to download our Bookings template here.

Make sure to add all of your bookings according to the format in the template. The column names and format much match exactly, DO NOT CHANGE THE COLUMN HEADERS.

About the Template

Here's a breakdown of those columns in the template

Required Columns:

Start Time: The date and time of the booking start (see format below).

End Time: The date and time of the booking end (see format below).

Note on start/end date format: The date format is m/d/yy H:M. The format must match exactly.

For example, March 2nd, 2022 at 4:00pm would be recorded in the spreadsheet as 3/2/22 16:00.

December 27th, 2022 at 5pm would be recorded in the spreadsheet as 12/27/22 17:00.

The time is in 24 time format to account for am/pm.

Important Columns:

Room: The name of the room to book.

Note: The room name must match the room in Coworks exactly. If the room name is not found, it will create that room in Coworks. Events do not require a room.

Email: The email address of the user associated with the booking.

Note: This email must exist in Coworks. If not, it will default to be booked under the Admin of the community.

Optional Columns:

These are not currently on the CSV template, but you may add them. Again, make sure the column header matches exactly, or the upload will fail.

Type: Can be set to "Booking" or "Event." Will create the appropriate type in Coworks.

Title: Title to be displayed for events or bookings.

Description: Description to be displayed for events.

Photo: A URL of the photo to be uploaded as the event photo.

Join Deadline: Deadline to RSVP. The date format is m/d/yy H:M. The format must match exactly.

Info Link: A URL to an external website with additional information.

Registration Link: A URL to an external website like Evite or Tock where members can register.

Capacity: The maximum number of attendees allowed.

Public Signup: A value of "Yes" will make the event public and generate an external signup link.

Location: List a location if the event is not linked to room or space within your community.


By default, bookings are uploaded based on the timezone of the user who is importing the bookings. Please be sure that you're in the same timezone as your campus.

Importing the Bookings

Once your bookings CSV is in order, go to the Community tab and click the Migrations tab. Look for the section that says "Import Bookings."

Simply click on the box and upload your file to begin uploading your bookings

These bookings should immediately appear in your calendar.

Note: Large numbers of bookings may take a few minutes to finish processing

Happy Coworking!

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