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What is the Booking Hours feature?
What is the Booking Hours feature?

Everything you need to know about Booking Hours, conference rooms, and time allowances for the month.

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What are booking hours?

When you first create a membership plan for your coworking space, you will need to set the number of booking hours included with the plan. This determines how many hours a team can use to book a conference room for a given month.

When a team signs up for a membership plan to your coworking space, you can assign their recurring billing plan, and you will be able to see the number of booking hours allotted to that team for the month.

Viewing a team's booking hours

Click the team's "Overview" tab to see their booking hour usage, which resets to 0 at the beginning of each month.

When team members book conference rooms, each hour will count against their booking allowance for the current month. You can learn how to edit booking hour allowances here, and learn how to download a report on room usage here.

On the team's "Bookings" tab, you can also download the Bookings Usage report for that specific team, which will provide a breakdown of the team's booking hour usage. Simply click the "Booking Usage Report" link near the top of the team's "Bookings" tab to download the report.

Viewing bookings for the current period

On a team's "Overview" tab in the Directory, you can jump directly to the team's bookings for the current period. Near the top of the page, where the team's booking hour usage for the current month is listed, just hover over the "?" icon, and click the "View Bookings" option.

You can also go to a team or member's "Bookings" tab to view a list of all of their bookings in your space. To view all bookings for the current period, click on the "Filters" button on the "Bookings" tab, then click the "Created at" dropdown and select "Current period."

How members can use their booking hours

Your members can use the member mobile app to book conference rooms.

Booking Confirmation emails

If you'd like members to receive an email confirmation of their booking, make sure to change your settings. Go to the Community tab in the admin dashboard, click "Calendar," then click the toggle for "Member Booking Creation Notifications."

Below is an example of the booking confirmation email that is sent to the member. It includes how many booking hours they've used of their monthly allowance.

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