SETUP REQUIRED: If this is your first zap in Coworks, please stop and make sure you've completed the necessary setup steps here. Once you get to section 2, please skip those steps and start here.

Example Zap - Automatically add Coworks bookings to a Google Calendar

*Note - coming soon: native GoogleCalendar <> Coworks sync/integration. Please use this zap in the meantime*

In this example, we're going to make sure that all bookings that are created in a specific room, get pushed to a corresponding google calendar. This is very useful if you'd like to have an externally viewable/shareable calendar of bookings for each room.

This can also be a great way to integrate your calendar with any 3rd party system that integrates with GCal (Liquid Space etc.). By pushing bookings to a specific google calendar that is already integrated with a 3rd party booking platform, it can help prevent agains double bookings by having GCal serve as the middle-man.

*Pro Tip: If you upgrade to multi-step zaps, you can add more steps. For example after creating a booking, you could trigger an email alert.

Here is the breakdown:
App 1 - Coworks

Trigger- New Booking Created

App 2 - Google Calendar

Action - Quick Add Event

Summary: When X(New Booking Created) in Coworks, do Y (Create Event) in Google Calendar

Here's how to set it up:

Coworks Setup

Authenticate with GCal in Coworks

First we need to make sure you've integrated your Google Calendar with Coworks. Head over to the calendar tab. You should see a button in the right upper corner that says "Integrate with GCal"

Follow the prompt to log into your gcal account that contains the calendars you want to sync with Coworks.

Note: This integration also allows you to push Coworks events directly to GCal every time you make them in Coworks. More info here in step 6.

Link GCalendar to Room

Next we need to make sure that your rooms in Coworks are linked to a specific Google Calendar. This will allow us to reference that calendar from the booking in Coworks.

For example: if a booking gets created in "Room A". We want to push that booking to the "Room A" calendar in GCal. If a booking occurs in "Room B" we push to the "Room B" calendar in GCal.

This will result in unique calendars for each conference room that will remain in sync with bookings created in Coworks.

Start by going to the rooms tab and choose which rooms you are interested in linking to a calendar in Google.

Click on the room and click "Edit". At the bottom of the page should be an "Integrations" section with a toggle to link to a Google Calendar. (If you don't see this option, please make sure you've completed the GCal authentication step above)

Choose which calendar to link this room to (note: it must be a calendar owned/managed by the account you authenticated with in the previous step). This will allow you to choose this GCal calendar in the Zapier step when a booking is made for this room.

You are now ready to create your Zap!

Tip: Go ahead and create a quick test booking in that room after you've attached the calendar so that you can use that booking as a test in the upcoming Zapier steps.

Zapier Setup

Head over to your Zapier account.

  1. Click on Make a Zap and find Coworks as the app (This app should be visible in your app search if you've accepted the Coworks Zap info in the beginning steps here). Select "New Booking" as the trigger

2. Find your account and select your campus (the context in which the contact was made).

3. Select Google Calendar as the second app, select or connect your GCal account, and for the Action, we are selecting to "Quick Add Event"

4. With GCal as the "2nd step" in this zap, we're going to instruct GCal to add this booking in Coworks from the previous step as a new event in the google calendar. In this step, you actually can use the information from the booking you just captured from Coworks in the previous to populate the fields on the gcal event. Most critically we need to connect the appropriate calendar by using the room gcal calendar id field from the booking

Start setting up your action and click on the "calendar field". Choose "Custom" from the tab options. This is going to let us populate the google calendar id from the booking above. Select "Show all options" to see the attributes of the booking and scroll until you find "Room gcal calendar_id" and select that as the value.

Now we have instructed Zapier to push any bookings to the corresponding gcalendar that's linked on the room of the booking.

Finish by making giving your booking a name. Typically you should populate the name from the Coworks booking name field (in this example my booking was called "Zap test" but yours may be called "[John Smith's] booking".

After you're finished, customizing the new calendar event, go ahead and save it and give it a test.

Once successful, turn on your zap and watch your Gcal get populated every time you've added a new booking event!

HELP: My Test Wont Pass!

Tip: if the room gcal calendar_id is not populated in your test booking from the first step (the Coworks booking trigger), it may be difficult to successfully pass the test for this zap. You can resolve this by first creating a new booking in Coworks (make sure the room you book has a gcal linked!).

Then go back to Zapier, choose the New Coworks Booking step and choose the "Test Trigger" section.

You can manually select a booking to use as your test case and make sure the booking you choose was made in a room with a gcal linked to it. Simply click on the booking to choose another and click "Load more" to get a fresh batch.

You will be able to see the booking data and determine if a valid room gcal calendar id is present.

If you run into any issues, please contact Coworks support.


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