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How to set daily member booking limits
How to set daily member booking limits

How to set global daily limits for members or by room per member to cap the amount of hours a member can book in a day.

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Allowing members to book your space is an essential part of coworking and one of the more powerful features of Coworks. Sometimes it can be helpful to have settings to limit the usage of those resources to avoid one member monopolizing the space. You can use the daily booking limits to do this.

With daily booking limits you can set limits either:

  • Globally in your campus (this will affect all members)

  • On a per-room basis (limit the amount of booking hours for a specific resource in a day)

Global Daily Limits

Use global daily limits if you want to ensure no member books more than X amount of hours across your space on any particular day. Each time they make a booking, the system will check how many other bookings they have on that day and prevent them from going over the limit.


Set this up by going to your Campus settings

In the "Calendar" section, you'll find a setting titled "Daily member booking limit in minutes." Simply set that to the desired booking limit and click "Save."

For example, if you don't want members to book more than 5 hours in a day, set the limit to 300 minutes.

Note: These limits are per-member based and are not tallied at a team level.

If a member goes to book and has gone over the daily limit, they will receive a notification in the app letting them know they've reached the limit.

Per-Room Limits

Let's say you have some specific resources or rooms that are hugely popular. A few members tend to book those spaces for days at a time and prevent others from having access. In this case, you can set daily member booking limits on specific rooms. This setting will prevent members from booking that specific room for more than the set amount of time in a given day.


To set this up, go to the room that you want to set the daily limit on. Click "Edit," and scroll to the "Member Costs" section. In the "Daily member booking limit in minutes" field, enter the maximum amount of time (in minutes) you want a member to be able to book that resource. For example, a value of 120 would block members from booking that room for more than 2 hours in a given day. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page when finished.

If a member goes to book that space and has gone over the limit for that specific resource, they will receive a notification in the app letting them know they've reached their limit for that space for that day.

Happy Coworking!

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