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Guest Invitation Feature: How members can promote and invite guests to public events
Guest Invitation Feature: How members can promote and invite guests to public events

Providing a seamless experience for members to invite guests to public events while providing enhanced tracking for community managers.

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Allow Members to promote events using the Event Sharing/Invite Feature in Coworks Members App

Do you want the members of your coworking space to effortlessly promote events to the public? Members can use the member app to share and promote events by sending personalized invite links to their friends/network.

All public events can be shared by members. If you still need to learn how to make an event public, read this article to learn how.

What This Feature Offers:

  • Member Empowerment: Each member gains the ability to share public events directly from their app via a personalized invite link.

  • Enhanced Tracking: Community managers can easily monitor which member invited each confirmed guest.

How Members Experience It:

Sharing Public Events: Once a public event is made, every community member can share it with their contacts.

How it works:

Members can view events from the community feed in their member mobile app. Once logged in, members can simply scroll to the event they wish to share and click it to view more info. When the member is in the event, they will need to scroll down to the Engage section and click the 'Invite' button.

Note: this section will not appear for events that are not public to guests.

Inviting Guests: After clicking on the 'Invite' button, we will generate a custom share link for that event. Members can invite guests via text, email, socials, or by directly sharing their unique invite link.

Registration Page: When the guests receive and click on the invite link, they are directed to the event registration page, which will display the inviting member's information at the bottom. Once the guest rsvps to the event, their rsvp will be tagged to the member who invited them.

Benefits/Community Managers Experience:

Automatic Tracking: Confirmed guests are automatically added to the guest list, along with the information of who invited them for community managers to view easily.

To view and manage the guest list:

  • Go to the Calendar tab in the admin dashboard.

  • Search for the event you would like to view. Then, select your event to view its information and attendees.

  • Once you view the event info, you will want to select the 'Attendees' tab to view all registered attendees. For non-members, you can view who invited them to the public event on the right side of the screen.

With this seamless integration, promoting events and tracking guest invites becomes more accessible than ever for both members and community managers!

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