Through the Coworks dashboard you can add members and teams to your community. These members can access your community through the member app.

However, you can also manage your internal staff and teammates who can access the admin dashboard to help you manage your community. These staff/managers can also access the member mobile apps through the same login.

Adding new managers/staff to the dashboard

Adding new managers to the dashboard is easy:

*NOTE: Staff members can access all of your dashboard features including billing, plan management, adding removing members etc. Be sure you understand the different roles and access rights before adding new staff to your dashboard

Start by going to the Directory tab and clicking on the "Staff Tab" and clicking "Manage Staff"

Once in the mange staff section simply click "Add Member" to add your new person to the staff team.

Be sure to assign the appropriate role to this person before adding them to your team!!! They will have access to sensitive information and be able to manage your members, bookings, payments etc.

Learn more about roles here

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