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How to Share Your Events with Non-Members
How to Share Your Events with Non-Members

How to use the Public Events Page to generate links to share events on your website, emailed newsletter, social media, etc.

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Many coworking spaces throw events in their space, but don't have a way to share the event registration with non-members.

We created a Public Events Page in Coworks so that you can share events with non-members. Events are a great way to attract non-members and turn them into paying customers.

The Public Events Page allows you to create a registration link that you can share on your website, emailed newsletter, social media, etc. When a non-member clicks the link to register for the event, you will automatically get their contact information in your CRM, and your app will update the number of people registered for the event.

How to share events with non-members

  1. Go to the Calendar tab in the admin dashboard.

  2. Create a new event.

  3. Scroll down to Visibility Settings, turn on the "Public Signup" toggle, and click "Create" to save the event.

  4. Open the event you just created, scroll to "External Link" and click either "Copy Link" or "View Link."

You can post this link on your website, on your social media, or in your emailed newsletters. This link allows non-members to register for your event. Again, this is a great way to get people into your space and show them what an amazing community you have!

Some things to notice on the Public Events Page:

Attendee Max/Slots Available: When you create the event, if you set an attendee max, the slots available will update each time someone registers for the event. If the event is full, it will prevent new sign-ups.

Attendee Join Deadline: You can set the date people must register by. If the date has passed, it will prevent new sign-ups

Additional information: If you have a website link with additional information, you can add that here too.

Campus: If the campus address is set, it will display the campus address in addition to the room/location name.

RSVP'ing for public events

  1. The person will input their information on the form.

  2. They will receive a confirmation email upon registering for the event.

Editing the Event Coordinator Email

You can update the Event Coordinator email address by clicking the Settings gear near the top right of the admin dashboard, and selecting the "External Bookings" option on the left.

Managing attendees in the CRM

If the event attendee checks the box expressing interest in becoming a member when registering for the event, you'll find them in the Leads section of the CRM with the tag "Event RSVP." (Reach out to them and get them set up with a coworking membership!)

If they do not check the "Interested in becoming a member?" box, you will still find them in your CRM, under the "Contacts" tab.

You can learn more about the CRM, leads, contacts, and promoting to members by clicking here.

How members can share your events

With public events, your members can actually share and market the events for you! All public events include an "Invite" button in the member app that allows them to generate a unique link to share and invite their network.

All guests who sign up via a member's unique link will be attributed to the member who invited them for tracking purposes.

Learn more about that feature here.

We hope this feature will help bring more people to your amazing community! Let us know if you need any help by clicking the chat box in the lower right-hand corner.

Happy Coworking!

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