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How to create Hot Desks for public booking of your space
How to create Hot Desks for public booking of your space

How to use the hot desk feature to publicly list desks to guests for full day or half day rental and reservation at an hourly rate

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What are Hot Desks?

Hot Desks is a feature we've created to allow you to make some desks available to book externally by guests. This is important because it opens up another revenue stream for your space and allows for guests to have a dedicated workspace when they come into your space. Hot Desks are a great addition to allow for a more dedicated workspace for guests to work in your space without having to worry about availability in your common coworking area.

Tip: Be sure to check out our external conference bookings feature to similarly allow guests to seamlessly book conference rooms, and our Dedicated Desk feature to make recurring revenue off of your desks.


To import hot desks from a CSV or spreadsheet, use our desk import tool. Find out how that works here.

How to create Hot Desks

  1. Log in to your Manager Dashboard.

  2. Go to the Rooms tab, and choose "Hot Desks" from the upper navigation.

  3. Click "New Desk."

  4. You can set a Hot Desk photo, name, description, and add private notes.

  5. If you would like this Hot Desk to be bookable on your website, turn on the "Publicly Bookable" toggle.

  6. Currently, hot desks can only be booked for full or half days (not hourly). Set the TOTAL price for a full or half day reservation of the desk.

  7. Click "Save" to activate your new Hot Desk

Please note: Hot desks work almost identically to the external conference bookings but with a few exceptions. The biggest difference is that hot desks can only be booked for full or half days (not hourly). Use the external bookings feature to accommodate hourly reservations. Additionally, hot desks are not currently bookable in the app by members; they are bookable via External Booking only.

Publishing Your Desks

  • Coworks auto-generates a public landing page for your external bookings (including conference rooms and hot desks). To find that link, in your Manager Dashboard, on the left-hand navigation, select Community, then "Website Forms."

  • Under the Calendar Options, you will see your "External Bookings" options.

  • From here, you can either "Copy the Link" or view your new booking page.

  • The last step would be to add the link that was copied from your Manager Dashboard to your website.

Viewing Your Hot Desks

Navigating to the public link above will take you to your external bookings page where your customers can decide to book an hourly meeting room, or a hot desk for full/half day rental.

Happy Coworking!

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