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How to set hours of operation/booking schedules for guest external bookings and day passes
How to set hours of operation/booking schedules for guest external bookings and day passes

Define the days and hours per campus, that your non members/guests can book your conference rooms/desks or purchase day passes externally.

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With Coworks we provide you with many tools to monetize your space , capture leads, and allow your general community to purchase time on your resources directly through your website. Specifically we provide easy to use links and forms that allow for external bookings of your conference rooms to non members (at an hourly rate) or day passes.

Often times you may want to put some controls or restrictions on when non-members can book time in your space but you don't want that to impact member booking availability. A good example would be to allow external bookings between 9-5 when your staff is around to support, but allowing members to book 24/7.

To create hours of operation that only apply to external bookings you can use your campus hours feature.

Setting It Up

  1. Start by going to your campus settings (click the gear in the top header for quick navigation).

  2. Next select "External Booking" from the settings options in the sidebar.

  3. Click "Edit" to set your campus hours to your preferred availability. You can set days to closed (by toggling it off on the left hand side) open all day (by clicking the all day checkbox), or available during a specific hours window (eg 9-5).

  4. Click "Save" to finalize the settings.

External Bookings

With the above settings in place, customers who go to your site to reserve space or purchase a day pass will be limited to the days and times you've defined in your external hours.

If you'd like to set per-room availability that affects both members and guests (eg this room can only be booked 9-5) you can use the room schedules feature here.

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