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How to use Blackout Dates for holidays or building closures
How to use Blackout Dates for holidays or building closures

How to set specific blackout dates or holidays for your space to prevent bookings and Day Pass purchases.

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With Coworks, we make it easy to integrate directly with your website to allow the general public to easily purchase Day Passes or book your conference rooms.

Sometimes, however, you need to block off certain dates for holidays or building closures where you don't want guests or members to be able to book your space.

For this you can use the blackout dates feature.

How to add Blackout Dates

  1. Click on the Settings gear near the top right of the admin dashboard.

  2. On the "Calendar" page, click the "Edit" button near the top right.

  3. Scroll down to the "Blackout Dates" section, and click "Add more dates" to select more dates to block out your space. You can select as many dates as you need (holidays are a good example).

  4. You can also use the "Blackout rooms for members" toggle if you'd like your blackout dates to prevent bookings for members, in addition to guests.
    If this toggle is not turned on, members will still be able to create bookings on your blackout dates.

  5. Click "Save" to set those dates. You can add or remove Blackout Dates at any time.

How Blackout Dates impact your public bookings

Once your Blackout Dates are set, those dates will no longer be available in your public forms.

For External Bookings

When customers attempt to search for a date for a reservation, the dates you set will be unavailable and blacked out.

For Day Passes

If you've set up your Day Passes to require dates, it will block off any dates set in your Blackout Dates setting.

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