Everything regarding the CRM and capturing leads for your space

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How to import Contacts from a CSV file and Promote to Lead or MemberHow to import a list of contacts from a spreadsheet into your CRM and promote them to be leads or members of your community.
What types of leads and contacts does Coworks automatically capture and store in the CRM?All the ways Coworks captures leads and contacts and stores them in your CRM
View Leads' and Contacts' Bookings and Invoice DetailsIn the CRM, you can keep details on the bookings and invoices made by non-members
Success Redirect URLS and How To Use ThemHow to set up a success redirect URL for your external website forms and pages.
How to use the Membership & Tour Request Forms to capture leads and increase conversionsHow to use the membership and tour request forms and integrate them on your site to capture and manage leads directly into the Coworks CRM.
How to use the Lead & Contact Bulk PromoterUse a CSV to bulk promote leads and contacts from your CRM
How to track Campaign Parameters using standard UTM URL params for Leads and MembersUse UTM parameters to track your member and lead signups from campaigns and marketing initiatives.
How do I change the title of the Membership Request Form?Customize the title of the Membership Request Form for your Community
How do I send Lead email notifications to an additional email address?How to send lead notification emails to an additional email address that does not belong to a manager in Coworks
How to use the CRMUse the Coworks CRM to capture and manage leads and contacts
How to use the Follow-up Reminder featureHow you can set reminder emails and notifications for yourself to follow up with the leads in your Coworks CRM