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How to set booking availability schedules for your individual Conference Rooms and Equipment
How to set booking availability schedules for your individual Conference Rooms and Equipment

Set a schedule of availability for booking hours on your conference rooms or equipment, so they are only bookable during approved times

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Note: This feature is a global availability setting and applies to both members and guests attempting to book each particular room/resource. If you're looking for hours that don't affect members and only impact external booking availability, you can do that through the campus hours of operation.

The room/equipment availability feature allows you to define set days/hours during the week on a rolling basis for when your customers have access to book your conference rooms or equipment. Those resources are automatically blacked out during any times outside of these availability windows. You can apply this on a per-room level.

To set this up, you can configure it on a per-room or equipment basis.

How to set the booking availability schedule for a Room

  1. Go to the Rooms tab. Click on the room that you want to edit. Click on the "Edit" button.

  2. Once editing a room, toggle on the "Schedule" feature.


  3. Here, you can configure a 7-day rolling schedule. This will be in the timezone set in your campus settings. You can set days to closed (by toggling them off on the left hand side), open all day (by clicking the "Open All Day" checkbox), or available during a specific window of time (such as 9:00 am - 5:00 pm).

Your member's apps will now automatically restrict bookings to the schedule you just set for that resource. External bookings will adhere to these rules, as well. This room will only be available to be booked during these windows (unless you're a staff/manager booking in the manager dashboard).

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