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How to message the attendees of an event
How to message the attendees of an event

How to send email messages and announcements to communicate to all of the guests and members who rsvp to your events.

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Coworks allows you to create, share, and manage events with your community to keep them engaged and active in your space. Events can be shared directly to your members (based on groups or campuses) or can be made public to non-members to share with your general community.

When hosting events, you may need to communicate directly with the attendees who have RSVPed to share important event updates or information about the event. This article shows how to use the attendee messaging feature.

Sending a message to attendees

  1. Find the event you're looking for in the calendar and click on it to open the preview

  2. In the event preview, click on the "Attendees" tab

3. Click "Send Email" to begin an email announcement to your attendee list.

4. Choose which attendees to include in the email (all are selected by default). The list is separated into two tabs, one for members and one for guests (non-members). You can manually check or uncheck attendees to send to.

5. Craft your message using all of the features from our announcements feature such as documents, images etc.

6. Click "Review" to preview your email

7. Click "Send Email" to send your message to the attendees.

Good to know

  1. For non-members who rsvp to events via the public events page, they are provided a disclaimer that you may reach out to them for event-related messaging (Dont spam your attendees!)

  2. Use the attendee report located in the event modal to quickly download info on your event attendees.

Happy Coworking!

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