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New Coworks Customer Onboarding
New Coworks Customer Onboarding

Just signed with Coworks?? Start here! A Quick Checklist For Success For New Coworks Customers

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Welcome To Coworks!

If you're reading this then you're likely new to the Coworks Community and family, so WELCOME! We're incredibly honored and humbled that you've chosen to join us on our mission to power the future of work and to make a better workplace experience for all.

The following guide is a few checklist items to ensure that you're set up for success on the Coworks platform and to help kick-start your onboarding process.

Feel free to hit the help button in the bottom right corner to book some time with us or ask us questions directly.

The 7 Steps For Success

1. Connect Your Stripe Account

First you'll also want to go ahead and get your Stripe account connected to Coworks. Here are articles with simple step-by-step instructions for pairing your Stripe to Coworks and making sure it's all set up properly...
- How to connect Coworks to your Stripe account?
- Coworks Checklist for Successful Stripe Integration
This ensures we can get you PAID!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to update your settings for failed payments to not auto-cancel subscriptions. CLICK HERE

2. Setup your Coworks subscription payment here.

3. Migrate your data

Next let's migrate any members or teams that you have signed up already. Do you have a CSV that you can send over? We can import them into our platform following the instructions here or we can load them manually. The main thing is making sure billing is set up before adding any members so that we can put them on the proper billing cycles. This means all of your plans need to be created first so that you can assign them to the right members.

Data to import

  1. Members/Teams via Contact csv import

  2. Plans (must be manually created)

  3. Rooms/Equipment, Offices, Desks (via Room csv import)

  4. Bookings (via Booking csv import) note: will need to set a date for final transition from previous system.

  5. (optional) Billing credit cards note: manual sync may be required with billing provider

4. Member Experience Content Creation: Make sure your resources, events, and rooms are up to date so that the app looks good for members.

Make sure you've downloaded the mobile app! Find out how here.

The success and buy-in of your member apps start with YOU. We've created an experience that depends on you as the manager creating valuable resources in our resources center, posting relevant events with images, encouraging member profile photos, and adding high quality conference room photos. Reach out to our team for a free consultation on how to create a beautiful mobile experience!

Content to create

  1. Physical spaces (rooms, suites, desks)

  2. Recurring membership plans

  3. High-Quality photos (for rooms/spaces, events etc.)

  4. Member resources and categories. note: the Coworks team can add/edit resource categories for you!

  5. Upcoming events for your community

5. Setup Your Tablets

Let's make sure rooms are all set and then we can leverage our conference room

and front desk tablet software! Info on that setup can be found here.

6. Integrate Coworks into your website and generate more $$$!

We provide several useful integrations as web forms to your website for lead capture, membership inquiries, and automated member sign up and payment capture.

Read this article to learn how to easily integrate Coworks into your site to generate revenue and capture leads!

A full list of available web forms can be found here.

We also have a plugin to embed these forms on your site. Info on that here. This allows you to start immediately capturing leads in the system.


Congratulations on making it this far!

Once the above is complete, we will launch your app to your members and you'll be ready for business! We even put together our Community Member Intro to Coworks for your members to help them get onboarded. Once you're ready, we'll hit send and blast that baby out to your members. What better way to please your members than to grace them with a fresh new community app!! You're welcome!

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