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How do members view and access invoices?How members can view their history of invoices and receipts or pay outstanding invoices from the member mobile app.
How do I add addresses to invoices?How to add mailing addresses for members and contacts to invoices for VAT and other reimbursement purposes
How can members add their ACH payment information on Android?How members can add bank accounts for ACH on their own directly via the mobile app.
Why is there a $0 "Marked Paid" invoice?Noticing a strange $0 "Marked Paid" invoice that you don't recall creating or manually marking as paid?
Having trouble verifying a bank account as a payment method?What to do next if the bank account verification has failed.
How do I decrease the number of plans on a membership?How to remove or decrease the number of plans on a team's membership in Coworks
How to set up invoice payment reminder emails before sending invoicesSet up automated reminder emails for upcoming invoices to inform customers when they will next be invoiced
Why do customer invoices have a Wells Fargo ACH payment link on them?Noticing a strange Wells Fargo account at the bottom of customer invoices when you have a different bank?
How do I schedule a team's billing plan for a future bill date?How to queue up a membership billing cycle for a team so their billing starts on a date in the future.
What to do when a member sees the "Cannot add card. See manager" error message when adding a credit card.What to do if a member is trying to update their payment information and gets this error message
How to skip transaction fees for members who pay by check or cashHow to set up a team to not receive transaction fees on emailed invoices and override/ignore the global transaction fee community settings.
Stripe | How to edit the "Update Payment Information" link that is included on the failed payment email from StripeHow to disable or update the email communication from Stripe that's triggered when a payment fails and a customer receives an email notice
How to schedule an end date or set up expiring team membershipsIf a team is cancelling their membership, you can either end it immediately or schedule the cancellation for a later date.
How to set transaction fee behavior for emailed invoicesHow to set the default behavior for adding transaction fees to recurring invoices that are set to be emailed to customers.
How to automatically add in sales tax or VAT (Value-added tax) using custom invoice feesHow to add a custom recurring fee or tax to an invoice
What are Paused invoices?What is the Paused invoice status, how does it happen, and what does it mean for my money and future invoices?
How do members add their own payment sources in the mobile app?How members can add credit cards or bank accounts for ACH on their own directly via the member mobile app.
How to create a one-off invoice and pause the next invoice created by a membershipHow to create a one-time invoice or charge, and pause the next invoice that would be created by the membership.
How To Accept Partial Payments By Splitting An InvoiceHow to split an invoice into two smaller invoices to facilitate partial payments or initial deposits from customers
What is the "Overdue" Membership status?What does it mean when a team's membership status is showing as "Overdue" in the Membership tab?
How to charge members quarterly, yearly, or semi-annuallyHow to add plans to teams that bill in non-monthly intervals such as quarterly, annually, or semi-annually.
How To Update An Existing InvoiceHow can I change, update, or edit an invoice sent to a member or team?
How can members view or pay invoices and download invoice receipts?Team admins can view and pay their invoices or download invoice receipts directly in the member mobile app.
How To Add Teams Without Charging ThemHow to add members or teams without sending them an invoice or charging them for a membership.
How do I issue a Partial Refund?How to refund only part of what was paid for an invoice.
How to enable or prevent Stripe from sending "free trial ending" email notifications to your membersThis will enable or stop free trial email notifications when a membership is going to start billing.
How can I pause and resume memberships?How to pause memberships and resume or unpause them at a future date
Invoices and their lifecycleCurious on the different options for invoices and how they are created? Curious about the possible statuses of an invoice?
How do I disable ACH Credit transfers?How to remove Wells Fargo ACH bank transfers from hosted invoice pages
Payment Sources in CoworksCollecting money with Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, and ACH transfers. Why I should use each one and why should I avoid ach transfers?
How do I pass payment processing fees for credit card or bank account payments to the member?How to edit the settings for passing transaction fees (for credit cards or bank accounts) to your members.
How to change default settings for emailed invoicesHow to change the default due date and accepted payment methods on emailed invoices
How to Utilize Internal Notes on InvoicesWhere to find (and how to update) internal notes on invoices.
How do I change the length of time before invoices are considered late?How to change the number of days until invoices are due.
How do I change the default billing cycle date for my account?How to change the default bill date for recurring plans and memberships.
How to configure Stripe's billing settings for your accountHave some of your memberships gone missing? Automatically? There's a chance that Stripe is automatically cancelling your memberships.
How to remove an application from your Stripe accountHow to remove unwanted third party applications from your Stripe account.
How do I add a one-off charge to a member's next invoice and view it?How to add one-time charges to a team's next recurring invoice.
How can I edit a team's billing plan?How to adjust a team's membership by editing their plans, adding or removing discounts, or changing their payment method.
How do I export my finances to excel?How to download a spreadsheet of your Billing report
How do I add or update a credit card or bank account payment method for a team?How to manually add or update the payment source on file for a team/member. This is used for their recurring membership and invoices.
How to change a membership from emailed to auto-draftHow to change a team from paying via emailed invoice to automatically charging their default payment method on file.
How do I view or download a past invoice?How to view or download invoices from the Coworks admin dashboard.
How do I refund a team's bill?How to issue a refund on a team's invoice.
How do I view an upcoming invoice?How to preview a team's next invoice in the Coworks dashboard.
How do I add a discount to a team's billing plan?How to apply a discount to a team's membership.
How do I add a billing plan to an existing team?How to add a recurring plan to a team's membership.
How do I prorate a team's billing plan or give them a free trial?How to prorate a team's plan or delay the start of their billing.
How do I add multiple plans to a team?How to add more than 1 plan to a team's membership.
How do I update my payment information for my Coworks Subscription?How to edit your payment information to pay for your Coworks subscription
How do I create a one-time invoice or charge?How to charge or email a one-time invoice to members, or bill guests (non-members) for one-off purchases or non-recurring invoices.
How do I manually charge an unpaid invoice?How to manually submit payment for an unpaid invoice.
How do I share a link to a hosted invoice page?How to find the shareable URL for an invoice.
How do I resend an invoice?Instructions for how to resend or re-download an invoice.
How do I close or delete an invoice?How to close, delete, or remove a previously sent charge or invoice.
How do I see who hasn't paid their bill?How to view unpaid invoices or membership charges.
How can I see which members are on automatic drafts?How to see which teams are set up for automatic invoice payments.
How can I see which members don't have a payment method on file?How to view which teams don't have a credit card or bank account on file.
How do I customize my invoices (branding, footers, memos, etc.) in StripeHow to customize your branding, footers, memos, and payment terms for invoices that are sent to customers from Stripe via Coworks.
How do I turn on Stripe email receipts for payments and refunds?How to enable email receipts for invoice payments and refunds through Stripe.
How do I add a billing plan to a new team?How to add a new team with a recurring billing membership.
How to issue invoice credit notes to reduce the invoice amountHow to edit an existing unpaid invoice to reduce the amount due by issuing credit notes on the line items
How to charge or accept upfront/advance payments from membersHow to handle a member paying early or in advance for their upcoming recurring membership fee.
How to exempt invoices or teams from incurring custom feesHow to prevent or skip custom fees from being charged on specific invoices or for specific teams.
How to use BACS to collect payments from members' bank accounts via direct debit (UK Only)How you can add UK bank accounts for members, and charge those bank accounts for one-off or automatically charged recurring invoices.
How to view and adjust a team's balanceHow to see and edit the account balance for a customer, which can be used to apply credits towards their invoices
How to view and sort invoicesHow to see all of your invoices, filter them by status, and sort them based on creation date, due date, or amount.
What do the invoice statuses mean?This article will explain what the different statues of invoices mean.
How to handle payment disputes and chargebacksWhat to do when a customer disputes a payment and results in the payment being returned
How to archive a planHow to archive a plan, so no new members can sign up for a membership with that plan.
How to restore an archived planHow to reactivate an archived plan, so members can sign up for it again
How to add photos, links, and rich text to Day Pass and Public Plan Signup formsCustomize your Day Pass and Public Plan Signup pages to include images and styled text.
How to set up emailed invoice receiptsHow to add email addresses to receive emailed receipts for a team's recurring billing invoices.
How to add multiple billing admin email addresses to a teamHow to set up multiple email addresses on a team to receive emailed membership invoices.
How to remove pending invoice items from an upcoming invoiceHow to edit a team's next invoice and delete pending invoice items or prorations.
What fees does Stripe charge?An overview of the different transaction processing and invoices fees collected by Stripe.
Monthly Billing Intervals ExplainedExplaining the billing periods for monthly recurring invoicing
How to change the recurring billing date on a team's membershipHow to edit the monthly bill date for an existing team's recurring membership
How to use the Discounts FeatureHow to create and manage discounts to apply to recurring memberships
How to use Promo CodesHow to create and manage promo codes or discount codes to be used on day passes, external bookings, or membership signups